im so excited for the new gravity falls season


The Lovecats » The Cure

We move like cagey tigers
We couldn't get closer than this

my friends mom knows im gay and she said to me “i get that the rainbow is suppose to be a gay thing but thats not fair, it should be for everyone” and i said “no its mine, everything is mine”

in middle school i bought a wall scroll of the girls from haruhi suzumiya wearing playboy bunny suits for some reason. i had it on my wall for a few years and ive been embarrassed of it since but im gonna hang it up again anyways


渋皮栗 にっき

cant believe i only talked about dio yesterday on here, but hey i finished coloring a picture of me thinking about dio so expect that later today

im drawing myself admiring dio

i made dio is tomodachi life and im not gonna let anyone be his friend

i just found out doraemon is on disney xd and im way too excited

i should get a wall scroll of caeser and jojo even though caeser is a cheap replacement for dio