going to a party today, if im lucky someone will spit soda or food on me again

i want to draw more gravity falls gore but i dont want like 5 pages in a row of my sketchbook to be dipper being murdered, so what should else should i draw

when i was a little kid and mom was teaching me how to count, she got tired of it and told me that 1000 came after 100 and i believed that for years

code lyoko was probably the best cartoon ive ever seen. i havent seen it in years but i am going to try to rewatch the whole series

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oh boy im gonna start a new deviantart since ive actually been drawing again

i kind of want to do that drawing thing where i draw myself in different artists styles but which ones should i do

mom just said to me “if you die in your dream then wont you actually die in real life” and i havent laughed so much in a while

i want to stylize my cartoon drawings more but i also like how it is hmmmm

everyone right now needs to look at the gravity falls gore art i did. i worked really hard on it